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CONFLICT COACHING is a one-on-one process when you are engaged in a difficult conflict. The customized process helps you disentangle the interpersonal conflict and gives you the insight and ability to confidently hold constructive conversations to resolve the conflict.

MASTERING HIGH-STAKES CONVERSATIONS combines the best of training and coaching to give you the tools and the skill mastery to confidently and productively undertake high-stakes conversations such as discussing performance or behavior problems, resolving disagreements and conflict, synergistic problem solving or getting commitment for difficult changes.


ORGANIZATIONAL/CULTURE CONSULTATION embeds the high-stakes conversations tools and competencies into the culture, structures and systems of the organization.

SOLUTIONS FOR FAITH-BASED ORGANIZATIONS is coaching, training and consulting customized for faith-based organizations and churches.  Speaking the Truth in Love Conference is often the starting place.

JOHN C. MAXWELL LEADERSHIP SERIES includes Becoming a Person of Influence, Everyone Communicates Few Connect, Developing the Leader Within You 2.0, 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth and Intentional Living.  These can be presented in many different formats such as Master Mind groups, Lunch and Learns and Training Courses.

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