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During high-stakes conversations
are you able to...
  • Promote respect, honesty and candor

  • Think critically and discuss objectively

  • De-escalate emotionally charged interactions

  • Foster curiosity and inquiry about other perspectives

  • Disentangle conflicting interests and goals

  • Transform communication breakdowns into breakthroughs

  • Turn verbal battles into collaborative problem-solving

  • Negotiate solutions and drive results

why it matters

Individuals that master high-stakes conversations operate on a different level.  They are transformational leaders that create breakthroughs by engaging in powerful and persuasive dialogue, solving stressful and pressing problems, creating synergistic solutions, and increasing engagement and commitment.  They master the defining moments that transform people, teams, organizations and communities.

In contrast, the inability to skillfully navigate high-stakes conversations leads to...

  • Wasted time waging verbal warfare instead of problem solving

  • Bad decisions caused by communication breakdowns

  • Dysfunctional teams focused on blaming and excuse making

  • Toxic conversations that create resentment, anger and conflict​

  • Loss of clients, customers and other vital relationships as a result of unresolved issues

who I can help

Individuals involved in an interpersonal conflict that want the insight, tools and competencies to engage constructively and resolve the conflict.

Executives, Managers and Supervisors looking to master high-stakes conversations about performance problems, organizational problems, disagreements, controversial changes and more.

Business, nonprofit and faith-based organizations wanting to embed high-stakes conversation competencies into the culture of the organization.

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